The production of Colombian pineapples has been gradually increasing over the years, and this year is characterised by the results that exceeded the expectations of the producers. "50 thousand pineapples per hectare; that is, between 12.5 and 25 tonnes, is the productive capacity of Colombian lands," stated Mauricio Santiago Jiménez, of Frutipaz.

Although Colombia is just beginning to participate in international trade, it has the potential to become a supplier of fresh products to the world. "We plan to contribute in the supply of the international market with fresh and processed food; our goal is to devote 30% of the production to the domestic market and the other 70% to exports," assured the representative.

At the moment, this association is implementing a strategic plan in partnership with ProColombia to enter the international markets directly with both fresh and preserved products. "We have already shipped samples to China, the United States and other countries, mainly of fruit pulp and fruit and vegetable preserves, due to their long shelf life and capacity to be shipped to faraway destinations without their nutritional, nutraceutical and organoleptic qualities being affected." 

Over the months, the goal of the organization is to enter and increase its presence in markets in a more direct manner, having access to points of sale at international level, with the possibility of direct contact with final consumers and distributors.

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