Equifruit, a North American shipper of Fairtrade-certified bananas, is thrilled to participate in the IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show October 19 - October 21 in Anaheim, California. The company is excited to share its Global Fairtrade Banana Domination mission and engage with like-minded individuals who believe in fair pay and safe working conditions for banana farmers.

Equifruit team members left to right: Kim Chackal, Ben Huyghe, Michelle Gubbels and Jennie Coleman. Photo credit: Branstalk Global

At this year's IFPA show, Equifruit is calling upon banana buyers to join the ranks of the "Banana Badass," someone who firmly believes in the fair treatment of banana farmers and is committed to taking meaningful action to turn this belief into reality. It will distribute Banana Badass Start Kits at booth #1896 to get buyers started on their journey and have outfitted its signature trade show shark with a party button ready to crank out celebratory tunes.

"We're excited to meet with prospective partners who share our passion for improving the banana industry," said Kim Chackal, director of sales and marketing. "Our campaign is all about empowering buyers to make a positive impact and have some fun while doing it."

A sneak peek at the company's airbrush tattoo booth.

Show attendees are also invited to visit Equifruit at the IFPA Block Party, where the company will have Banana Badass airbrush tattoos and other surprises.

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