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The Really Great Material Company in Cape Town represents the Italian company in Southern Africa

Novamont’s Mater-Bi bioplastic tested in South Africa

Plastic mulch is used extensively in vegetable and fruit production, particularly on crops with a shorter life cycle, and the recent drought has probably intensified its use which, in South Africa, is still exclusively made from standard plastic. However, elsewhere the tide is turning against plastic in its many…

Hard times for the market expected for the next spring-summer

Italy: A very bad year for garlic

This has been a very problematic year for garlic, with a production surplus in all the producing countries. As a consequence, the prices and the demand have been incredibly low. Additionally, there were some imports from countries which usually have not been interested in the EU market, such as Turkey…

Onions: high prices and a 'wait-and-see' market

It's the high temperatures or it's down to speculators, either way the current onion market does not move great volumes. On the contrary, volumes are quite low. An operator explained to us, “Not many onions are sold and the price is high. Anyway, some colleagues of mine are keeping the product in the…

Advantages of the Mater-Bi mulch film for processing tomatoes

Commercial tomato cultivation in Navarra is about 2,000Ha. This crop is 10% of the regions total produce output and is the #1 crop to use mulch film. But conventional mulch film is not compatible with mechanical harvesting. There is one solution and Miguelangel Los Arcos shares it in this video. Over the past 14 years, he…

Mushrooms are the summer surprise: an increase in consumption

The mushroom season started very interestingly. Despite being an autumn-winter product, both the demand and the consumption were high during the summer months. The climate was very good, and the product aroused more curiosity than expected. These are the thoughts of Marina Sesuru, owner of the Sardinian…

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