At Fruit Logistica Berlin, Mission Produce, Inc. will showcase its exclusive ripening innovation, Mission Control, for ripe-and-ready avocados in the UK. Mission Control is ripe room technology that enables next-level precision for atmosphere-controlled ripening – achieving as much as a 38 percent improvement in quality consistency compared to the industry standard ripening system.*

“I believe we’re the only supplier with this level of control over the ripening environment,” said Paul Frowde, managing director, Mission Produce UK and Europe. “Atmosphere control isn't new to the industry, but this level of precision is.”

Mission Control is ripe room technology that enables next-level precision for atmosphere-controlled ripening.

Mission Control was manufactured in partnership with Cross Refrigeration, a manufacturer of advanced temperature controls, and has been tested on both the lab and commercial production levels in partnership with Dr. Jem Burdon, a postharvest specialist and industry expert in fruit ripening from The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited.

“Developing Mission Control in exclusivity has provided us with a database of fine-tuned controls to most effectively ripen fruit of any condition,” said Adam Shaw, technical director, Mission Produce UK. “This change to the industry ripening standard indicates new possibilities for the adoption of ripe avocados at the consumer level. As we continue to improve product reliability and quality consistency, we believe we can strengthen consumer trust in our products.”

The recent commercial production trials comparing Mission Control to the standard ripening system evaluated the ripeness of Hass avocados from various countries of origin at varying levels of dry matter and fruit maturity.* The technology demonstrated the strongest improvement when ripening fruit that is generally considered more difficult to ripen, such as early-season fruit or packs with fruit of varying conditions.* By testing the technology at scale, the company continues to fine-tune the process controls to create the optimal ripening environments for every season.

Mission Produce UK will, along with avocados, be ripening mangos using the technology.

Mission Produce UK is also doubling its ripening capacity at its state-of-the-art forward distribution center in Dartford, UK. Scheduled for completion in the spring of 2024, the new ripening rooms are designed to feature the ripening technology. In addition, the company plans to add mangos to its product portfolio, which will also be ripened using Mission Control.

“We are driven by operational excellence to capitalize on the great market potential for avocados,” added Frowde. ”Getting the ripeness right and delivering exceptional quality is how we plan to move the market for avocados, and soon, mangos, in the UK.”

Mission Produce will be at Fruit Logistica Berlin Feb. 7-9, 2024 at Hall 25 (Stand B-31).

*Mission Control Commercial Production Trial. Mission Produce UK. September-December 2023.

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