The export of Ecuadorian organic bananas has recovered in 2023, like that of conventional bananas. Its main market is the United States. Between January and July 2023, Ecuador exported 357,140 tons of organic bananas, according to data from the Central Bank. Of that amount, 76% was destined for the United States.

Ecuador is the main supplier of organic bananas to the United States. Furthermore, in 2022 it gained share in that market due to production problems in other supplier countries, such as Peru and the Dominican Republic, explains Salazar. The second destination for Ecuadorian bananas is Europe: 19% of the volume exported in the first seven months of 2023 were for that market.

In total, between January and July 2023, Ecuador exported 4.2 million tons of bananas. Of that volume, 8.5% corresponded to organic bananas, according to the ECB. It is the first exporter of bananas, conventional and organic, in the world.