Germany is the second largest organic market in the world. It holds good prospects for U.S. organic products, including tree nuts, fruits and vegetables, and processed food products. The market shows tremendous growth rates with organic products more popular than ever.

The success story will continue and will be further fueled by plans of the new German government to increase the country’s share of organic farming. This report contains information on the German organic market, including best prospects, and opportunities, such as participation in BioFach, the world’s largest organic trade fair taking July 26-29, 2022.

Organic products were more popular than ever in 2020. German consumers spent significantly more money on organic food but also on food in general. This was partly because options for out of home eating were limited. It remains to be seen whether this consumer behavior translates over to the  food service sector past the COVID-19 pandemic.

For now, the record surge in 2020 can be seen as an exception due to the pandemic. However, the organic sector is projected to grow in 2021. FAS Berlin expects more moderate growth along the lines of pre-pandemic years.

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