Fruit orchards need to be safeguarded not only against hail, but also against insects. Posts and threads are essential for some stone fruits and all top fruits but, lately, solutions have also been introduced for climbing plants such as hops. Valente Pali is a leading company in this segment. 

A hop system is made up of a tensile structure with prestressed concrete posts connected by steel threads anchored to the ground. Valente developed a precise know-how specifically for this product and systems are set up following a few important design specifications. 

Posts are generally larger and sturdier than those used for traditional orchards and vineyards, as they need to be taller to favor plant productivity.

The system put in place by Valente comes complete with accessories designed specifically for hops and enables the attainment of the maximum production efficiency while increasing the number of plants. 

Hops are perennial flowering plants part of the Cannabaceae family, they can grow up to 7 meters high and last around 25 years. They grows spontaneously along river banks or on the edge of woods, in cool not-too-humid areas up to 1200 meters asl on fertile well-drained soil. 

Plants can be placed along the posts or between them, guaranteeing full stability in both cases. Valente works with Mrhops on systems relating to hop cultivation.

This way, growers can have one single point of reference for the entire production process from purchasing plants (from the many variants available) to choosing a system.

Valente also established a partnership with the Tuscia University in Viterbo. The company sponsors the research for a new hop plant that seems to have promising results.

"The hop market has grown a lot in the beer-making industry over the past few years, so much so that one kg of hops is currently sold to breweries at €15-100 (or even more for particularly prestigious varieties)."

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