Watermelon is a diclinomonoic species (both sexes on the same plant) but tends to be andromonoic, with a greater number of male flowers. In certain conditions of climatic stress (temperature, humidity, etc.), the production can be significantly affected, since the flowers obtained are of lower quality and there's a greater number of fruit abortions.

Relationship between female and male flowers
In new trials carried out in Níjar, Almería, the product #FloramecAvance achieved a greater production of female flowers (the productive ones), thereby reaching a good female-male balance, with about 50% of each type of flower.

Moreover, the fruit's setting was clearly superior to that of the control, which was treated with a commercial product based on cytokinins.

Floramec Avance®

This is a concentrated product from Codiagro that is used as a flowering and setting improver. One of its main components is the algae of the species Ascophyllum nodosum, which is obtained through cold mechanical extraction processes, preserving its high content of natural phytohormones. It also has a balanced content of phosphorus and potassium.

It contains essential amino acids for a good flowering, like L-TRP or L-Glu; an essential component against stress, namely betaines, and two micronutrients that are absolutely essential during this period: molybdenum and boron. Lastly, the product is enriched with carbohydrates and natural vitamins.

The product is applied via irrigation and is effective in horticultural, fruit and flower crops.


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