Launched at Fruit logistics 2020 in Berlin, Germany, at the beginning of February, the 4G real-time temperature recorder brings a new addition to Frigga's cold chain real-time monitoring product line.

Frigga, a company that offers real-time monitoring products and solutions, has launched dozens of cold chain real-time monitor and temperature recorder products and solutions in the past year, serving various scenarios of global cold chain monitoring. Frigga’s wireless real-time monitors support temperature, humidity, shock, and light sensors, and each product supports dual-temperature and dual-channel real-time monitoring at the same time.

Through Frigga's cloud platform and mobile app, real-time duel-temperature monitor and alarm are available 24/7, local and cloud data can be backed up and reports can be downloaded to achieve zero data loss, real-time visualization during the entire transportation process can be achieved, and losses during transportation can be reduced.

This month, Frigga continues to expand its diverse product line. In addition to the wireless real-time temperature recorder product line, the company officially launched a new product line of Frigga U2, an ultra-low-cost disposable traditional USB temperature recorder.

According to the company’s marketing department, U2 is equipped with digital temperature sensors and is built with ultra-low-cost. It is recommended to be used with the company’s wireless real-time monitoring products during the process of fruit and vegetable transportation, so as to realize real-time online monitoring as well as reducing the cost of each journey.

At the same time, compared to traditional basic USB temperature recorders available in the market, U2 not only performs better and is more cost-effective but also has some groundbreaking features that will improve data management and operation. Frigga’s marketing department welcomes interested parties to contact them for details.

As a research and development company with 15 years of experience in wireless communication technology, Frigga, an industry leader in global real-time logistics monitoring solutions, serves the industries of produce, medical and biological products, and cold chain logistics. It combines the portability of traditional USB recorders and the real-time nature of the wireless real-time temperature recorder to create a perfect user experience, in order to help customers realize supply chain visualization and reduce cargo losses.

Frigga's customers are widely dispersed, with long-term partners in major global cities and throughout China. In order to further promote the development of the industry, the Frigga team is currently looking for distributors worldwide to promote the progress and development of the industry together.

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