After living in Mexico for 13 years, Séverine Vinçotte created Elinove, a company that imports products from Latin America. It imports niche products known for their health benefits, like the Nopal cactus, Aloe Vera and Australian finger lime pearls.

Elinove, derived from “she innovates”, was founded in 2006. “My goal was to bring a Latin touch to the European market and to offer healthy products,” explains Séverine, a former banker. “I started by importing fresh Nopal cactus. This cactus can be cooked like a vegetable or applied raw.

In the UK, some juice bars add it to their smoothies for its detoxifying properties. On the French market, the Nopal cactus remains a niche product. I now offer it as an IQF product.”

In France, Séverine is the exclusive importer of frozen Australian finger lime pearls. “Our presentation is very innovative. The product is popular among chefs and caterers for its beauty and the effervescence of its citrus-flavored juice, but also for how quick it is to prepare.”

Séverine works exclusively with producers whom she has known personally for a long time. “These are producers I have a lot of respect for. They are committed within their communities and try to improve on all levels, such as production, communication and sustainability.”

Séverine also imports raw Aloe Vera, which is added to drinks and juices, and used extensively by the cosmetic industry. Moreover, Elinove offers agave syrup and inulin. These two products are used as a sugar substitute and as a prebiotic fiber.

Highly specialized in Latin America, Elinove also offers sourcing services to importers who are looking for innovations and alternatives for the products they already offer. “We already know many producers of organic products who are not known on the market yet, but could make consumers very happy with their products,” explains Séverine. “We are passionate about what we do, and we do it with pleasure!”

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