Defending crops from insects has become a necessity for producers, who would otherwise see their entire production practically destroyed. Nowadays, anti-hail nets serve this purpose as they have become multi-functional.  

They are in fact the only effective solution against insects, provided that they come with a closed perimeter so as to physically prevent insects from entering. However, the solutions most frequently used limit orchard management.

Therefore, when setting up a new system, the best solution is to design it carefully so as to obtain a complete cover where the equipment can move freely to perform all crop operations.

The problem is that these solutions need more land, which is usually not possible. If however, the orchard is already equipped with an anti-hail system, an anti-insect net can be placed directly on the anchors using systems to lift and lower it to access the orchard.

In this case, however, nets open on multiple rows, exposing trees to potential attacks from harmful insects.

The solution that effectively seems to solve the problems described above is the "KALAMITA" closure, designed, patented and produced directly by Valente in Campodarsego (PD). This system enables the closure of anti-insect nets on all kinds of orchards while allowing means and equipment through without opening and closing all openings at the same time. 

It is sufficient to place spacer tubes on end-posts where nets are installed for each row. Nets are held in place by with the KALAMITA system, a couple of high-resistance polyethylene profiles with a series of magnets inside them placed at a set distance that can keep nets closed in all weather conditions.

As shown in the video on the producers' YouTube channel, the tractor and piece of equipment connected (atomizer, shredder, etc.) enter the row by pushing the KALAMITA system until profiles open up. Once in, the two magnetic profiles close automatically.

The system can be installed using various types of nets (anti-hail, anti-codling month, anti-fruit fly, etc.) and on all kinds of existing covers, even anti-rain and shading nets.

Profiles are easy to install and are anchored directly on the net via special automatic buttons. Two profiles of different lengths are installed on every opening to facilitate access.

Valente designs each system accurately and also performs all installation phases.

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