Fresh Promise Foods Harvest Soul, Inc. announced the opening of its online store selling its new line of USDA organic chewable juices, with availability throughout the US. Harvest Soul Chewable Juices, available in Green Fusion and Tropical Fusion, are unlike typical juice drinks on the market today -- they're made of blended fruits, vegetables and greens and mixed with small bits of easy-to-chew nuts, seeds and berries.

The launch of the 12 ounce Green and Tropical Fusion Chewable Juices comes at a time when organic foods and beverages are experiencing explosive growth. However, as people continue to rely on pressed juices to supply their daily nutrition, they are missing out on some health benefits of chewing:
  • Chewing breaks down foods, unlocking beneficial nutrients
  • It kick starts digestion, releasing powerful enzymes that promote better nutrient absorption
  • It helps people feel fuller faster, regulating caloric intake
Because Harvest Soul Organic Chewable Juices are blended, not pressed, they also are an excellent source of fiber and protein. The juices are USDA Organic, do not use concentrates, have no sugar added and do not use genetically modified ingredients. Harvest Soul juices are Fressurized ™ through high pressure processing (HPP), which extends the typical shelf life maintaining the efficacy of the nutrients and vitamins in the product.

Both Green and Tropical Fusion are sold online by the case, with a 6-pack case priced at $60. As an introductory offer through the end of the year, Harvest Soul is offering a product launch special for 10% off using code LAUNCH. The Harvest Soul store is available at

Quirk continued, "We source only the highest quality USDA organic ingredients and purposefully included some of the worlds' most nutrient-packed ingredients, like chia seeds and goji berries. These super premium ingredients are definitely more expensive than other alternatives, but we wanted to offer only the best. Consumers looking for our products can find them online, and soon they'll be available in natural products stores, starting in the Southeast."

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