As of October 31st, 3,095 tons of organic apples were in storage in Switzerland. This is 8% less than the average in previous years, according to Swisscofel and the 'Schweizer Obstverband' (Swiss Fruit Union). 

Harvest estimates were considerably higher, but along with the difficult weather, producers and warehouse managers had to reduce their potential storage area due to strict storage regulations. Since the harvest is as good as over, as of the end of November there will be no significant increases expected. Therefore the 2014 organic apple harvest should have no problem selling. 

Moving on to organic hand-pears; there are 691 tons of hand-pears in storage, which is approximately 100 tons more than last year. According to Swisscofel and the 'Schweizer Obstverband' (Swiss Fruit Union) this is the most organic pears stored since 2011.