At the recent PMA Fresh Summit, the firm Cocanmex (Canadian Mexican Company) introduced a new product: "a packaged coconut ready to drink, with a special key and a hole already perforated, which allows you to drink the water, and afterwards open it with the key and eat the flesh," explains Roger K. Gay.

According to Roger, one of the main reasons why the consumption of fresh coconuts is not very popular is because the fruit is very difficult to eat. This product was designed to solve this problem. "It will be marketed under the brand 'Coco Nut' and it is mostly intended for supermarkets and service stores." 

The coconuts, of the Nucifera variety, are grown in the state of Guerrero. They are characterised by their compact size and large amounts of water and fresh. Unlike the coconut water sold in supermarkets, which is pasteurised, "this product is 100% natural, retaining all the qualities of fresh coconuts, which are a natural source of energy," affirms Roger. 

The product has a shelf life of 30 days and can be easily stored in a refrigerator. Roger says that right now it is only available in Mexico, "but we want to start exporting it. We think it has great potential, for example, for bars and hotels."

Roger Gay, Salvador Martinez and colleagues at PMA FRESH SUMMIT 2014

The Cocanmex production plant is certified by Primus Labs and Global G.A.P. and the plantations are also certified by Global G.A.P. Roger says that "this year we will promote the product at Fruit Logistica, in Berlin, and we have already entered the 'Innovative Product of the Year' contest."

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