Leading Canadian food packaging company, CKF Inc. is pleased to announce that the Earthcycle ™ line of agricultural trays are now in production at its Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Canada facility and first production runs are being delivered to long-term client, Gourmet Trading, LLC. The move is in line with the strategic intent of CKF’s acquisition of Earthcycle Packaging in May 2013.

“Our decision to invest in the people and the technology to manufacture Earthcycle ™ in Canada further delivers on our sustainability mission” says Ian Anderson, President of CKF Inc., “Consumers today have a wider definition of sustainability, one that incorporates socially responsible manufacturing and support of local businesses”, adds Anderson. Based on research, it is known that consumers continue to demand that packaging at least be recyclable or compostable while becoming more conscientious about where goods are produced. A majority of consumers want to buy local and support local businesses.

“We were thrilled when we learned about CKF’s plans to produce in North America” says Brian Miller, President of Gourmet Trading, North America’s largest grower-packer of premium asparagus. Gourmet Trading has been using Earthcycle™ trays for over two years in programs for leading natural retailers. “The environmental benefits of the Earthcycle™ line combined with North American manufacturing make it easy for our end consumers to make the sustainable lifestyle choices they are demanding. Also, in buying from CKF, our supply chains are shortened, allowing us to manage our inventory and be sure of product when we need it.”

CKF will be presenting our full line up of packaging products, including Earthcycle ™ at the PMA Fresh Summit 2014. Booth #4556.

For additional information on Gourmet Trading please visit gourmettrading.net.