According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Agro Industry and Technology, Mendoza's has an estimated total area of 15,006 hectares of vegetables for the 2014-15 season, i.e. 24% more than in the 2013-14 season. 

The estimated area planted with garlic is of 9,723 hectares, 28% more than in the previous cycle (equivalent to an extra 2,099 ha). The leading garlic producing areas, by surface area, are the Uco Valley (43%) and the Green belt (30%), which together accounts for 73% of the provincial total. 

As for varieties, the purple garlic continues to lead in the area, with 49%, followed by the coloured variety (42%), white garlic (5%), and early white and brown garlic with 4%. This year, there were only 374 hectares of early white garlic, i.e. 406 acres less than last year. 

The report that presented the Estimates of Mendoza's Horticultural Cultivated Area in Winter, which was conducted by the Institute of Rural Development (IDR), presents the general and specific volumes per variety, cultivated surface by areas and departments, as well as statistical data of the last decades. The report was presented in a meeting with the participation of garlic producers and industrial sector. 

Marcelo Costa, Minister of Agriculture, spoke about the difficulties of the productive sector and noted that the "integration within and between the different stakeholders is critical for the future of the industry." He also stressed "the importance of strengthening the work table with producers, warehouse owners and exporters." Additionally, he stated that they would work to "keep the export and domestic consumption benchmark price," and that the variation of the cultivated surface was challenging. 

Consequently, he added, they should implement strategies to encourage the placement of products in the local market, promote consumption, lower the cost of transfer charges through Belgrano Cargas and encourage consumption.