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Thursday, June 30, 2016

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Year-round Brazilian melon supply in the European market
“This season will be different for us, as we haven’t stopped sending our melons to Europe. Normally we stop in May and only provide the European market from September till May. From now on we will be able to supply Europe year-round, as we do in national markets,” tells Adriana Prado enthusiastic. “Usually,.....

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Simon Trewin - SH Pratt
UK: No problem with banana supply on programs
Recent banana shortages from Ecuador and other regions has not reduced imports for UK banana importer and ripener Pratt's Bananas. The company sources from a number of the usual central and south American countries and the Caribbean. "We got 100% of what we needed from Ecuador, even after the earthquake,".....

New Chinese subsidiary of Dutch Jaguar the Fresh Company
Leopard Fruit: "Shanghai office to increase imports and exports from China"
“Our import season is about to get started with the arrival of South African Valencia oranges, which are about to reach Shanghai in a couple of weeks time. In April, Jaguar established an independent company in Shanghai under the name Leopard Fruit Trading. Our team, working for Leopard Fruit, has become.....

Small sizes dampen avocado market
The Southern Hemisphere avocado crop is seeing small sizes in general this season, and South Africa which is around mid way through the season is no different."Harvest is going well with volumes keeping in line with the initial estimate of 12.8 million cartons," explains Derek Donkin, CEO of Subtrop. "There.....

Freddi Hofstede manages fresh produce trade company FK Fruit in Poland
“We do a lot of trading on the Polish coast in summer”
Freddi Hofstede has been working in the fresh produce sector for years already, including in former trade company Engels in Enschede, the Netherlands. Since 1996 he lives in Szczecin, Poland, near the German border, but he still has Dutch contacts. “My company, FK Fruit, transports the entire fresh produce.....

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Turkey apologises, hopes for a better relationship with Russia
Erdoğan kowtows
Turkish president Erdoğan apologised to Russia for downing the Russian fighter plane in November 2015. In a response to this incident Russia imposed a boycott of, among other things, Turkish fruits and vegetables. That response hit Turkey hard. Moscow demanded an apology form Ankara, before talks about.....

More interest in California sweet potatoes
Interest in sweet potatoes has been steadily increasing over the years, prompting growers in California to augment their acreage as consumers become more aware of the product and processors incorporate sweet potatoes into more consumer goods. But, this year, there's even more interest from the export market.....

From bad to worse for Czech apple growers
It has been a struggle for apple growers this season in the Czech Republic. A Czech grower located in the hardest hit region of Moravia, reported as high as 50% losses for this year's crop. Along with being dry, the region saw temperatures dropping to five degrees below zero in the last weeks of April,.....

Hugo Castro, of GinaFruit:
"The demand for bananas is more stable than in previous years"
The mishaps caused by natural phenomena in Ecuador in recent months have resulted in a banana campaign with unclear results. Hugo Castro, owner of GinaFruit, explains to us what the current situation is like. "Production times have been affected by climate changes, so the harvest has kicked off weeks late......

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Kenyan fresh fruit importers enjoying high demand
The demand for fresh fruits and vegetables in Kenya continues to rise by the day creating a niche in the market which has seen more players come on board.The retail of fruits and vegetables in Kenya was a few years ago dominated by small traders operating from tiny shops and public markets but this is.....

International distributors attack new Polish retail tax law
Natural Grocers have consumers eat new fruit and veggies
Spain: Caprabo sees flat sales in 2015Caprabo saw broadly flat sales growth in 2015, with turnover contracting by 0.3% to €1.12 bn. The retailer noted that while it was disappointing to see a contraction, it still meant it outperformed the market, which shrank by 0.8% in 2015. However, its profitability.....

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No interest in spot trade
Take it or leave it for banana supplies in Russia
The demand for bananas in Russia is low due to quality issues with the boxes of yellow bananas they are receiving from Ecuador. There are a lot of stone fruits in the local market and consumers are most interested in cherries, apricots and other seasonal fruits. A Russian importer said that they are feeling.....

The analysis of Gianluca Bagnara
Beyond Brexit - the EU to tackle complex political and economic scenarios
Brexit is not the only thing the fresh produce sector is worrying about - in addition to the effects deriving from Great Britain exiting the EU, the outcome of November's US election might also pose some problems. A weakened British economy seems likely, but we will also have to see how much the EU (and.....

Romain Cools, Belgapom:
"Damage to potato harvest can't be estimated at the moment"
Stories about large losses in harvest in the Belgian sector due to the heavy rainfall are circulating in various media. "However no percentage can be tied to this at the moment, they are still too busy with the total damage inventory. It's impossible to estimate for the entire country, as it differs per.....

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Russian company creating art out of fruit
Russian company Frutti Flowers was born back in 2013 when Yana Krylova saw a bouquet made of fruit on an American website and decided that it would be perfect for the Russian market. At that time, very few people had ever heard of such a thing, but the company is on a mission to change.....

At BelOrta
Playful promotion for CherryStar
If customers buy a pallet of CherryStar from BelOrta during weeks 26 to 30, they can win various prizes. They will receive a unique code for every pallet of CherryStar bought (144 packages/432 kilograms). “Not just the large customers are in for a chance, the smaller customers can also win. For example, if.....

Scientists create cancer treatment from dill and parsley
Scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (PhysTech) and Russian Academy of Sciences have come up with a way to obtain glaziovianin A, a natural component known for its anti-cancerous properties, from parsley and dill."Nowadays it is important not only to find new mechanisms to fight cancer,.....

Poland is the EU’s largest apple and cherry producer
Despite the impact of the Russian embargo on its exporters, Poland is still one of the EU's leading fruit and vegetable producers. Eurostat data show that they are in the top three in as many as 5 out of 8 categories.Poland accounts for a quarter of the EU's apple production, according to Wednesday's.....

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Thursday 6th October 2016
British Carrot Growers Association Variety Demonstration & Trade Exhibition
The 2016 BCGA Demonstration site has 64 carrot varieties provided by 7 seed houses including, Elsoms, Hazera, Rijk Zwaan, Nunhems, Agri Seeds, Clause and Seminis. In addition to the variety plots Syngenta and Bayer will be demonstrating some of their products. Innovation is a continuing theme for this event.....

UK: ''Wonky'' Mr. Potato Head promotes imperfect produce
A new ''wonky'' Mr. Potato Head will raise money via an eBay auction for a UK food waste charity, FareShare, along with raising awareness that ugly vegetables are vegetables, too.The latest variation of Hasbro’s Mr. Potato Head looks more like the potatoes in the pantry than the well-known childhood toy:.....

UK launch for plastic packaging that can be 'thrown away like an orange peel'
Biodegradable plastic packaging designed to behave like an orange peel when it is thrown away is launching in the UK next month.The 100% biodegradable product is already in use in the US, and supplier TIPA is set to announce a number of UK brand partnerships in the next few months.TIPA was set up by software.....

Germany: Saxony
Strawberry, cherry harvest in full swing
In Germany the strawberry is the queen of the summer fruit. And after apples strawberries are the most popular fruit in Germany.At the moment the Saxony strawberry season 2016 is in full swing. And the strawberry harvest is reaching its peak. Now is the best time to buy or pick your own high-quality,.....

North-western Europe potato acreage to grow by 5%
The North-western European Potato growers (NEPG) expect the combined potato acreage in Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain to be 552,000 hectares (1.36 million acres).This is an increase of 4.9 percent compared to last year and 3.5 percent over the 5 year running average.Acreage used.....

New processing facility for Melinda late cherries
Juicy, fleshy and delicious - the uniqueMelindacherries from Val di Non will be back again this year. It is quite a recent production for the Melinda Consortium, which has been a great success on the market thanks to the excellent quality of the fruit and to the fact that they are available when the campaign.....

McDonald’s France and Océane renew tomato contract
A renewed contract was signed in the Goulaine greenhouses in Basse-Goulaine between McDonald’s France, Florette Food Service (processors) and the cooperative Océane.The contract will run until 2018 and agrees on 1,000 tons of tomatoes being bought annually at a fixed price. Ten or so producers in the.....

Princesse Amandine aims to become leader in French potatoes
Princesse Amandine potatoes are undergoing an ambitious marketing plan. Alex Lauriot-Prévost, Head of Marketing for the Princesse Amandine Association says “we want to make Princessse Amandine the Pink Lady of potatoes”. The firm-skinned white potato was developed by Germicopa in 1994. They have a €2 million.....

Spain: New member joins GlobalG.A.P. coop Anecoop
With the addition of Tomasol to its network of now 70 member cooperatives with thousands of farmers, Anecoop has expanded its market reach and improved its position in Andalusia. This boost to its commercial strength enables Anecoop to support growers, producers and marketers of horticultural products to.....

Baden-Württemberg: Plums suffer significant losses too
Another unfruitful cherry year
The statistical office of the German state Baden-Württemberg estimates in the initial overview the cherry yield, based on the fruit growth in May and the beginning of June, averaged 450 kilos per hectare.The 2016 sweet cherry harvest is estimated on 13,400 metric tons based on the 2,075 hectares. This is.....

UK: New £2M food distribution centre will create 20 jobs
Troy Foods’s new £2M distribution hub in West Yorkshire will create 20 new jobs. Located in Stourton Link, Leeds, the new 3,530m2 distribution centre will provide ambient and chilled storage of raw materials, increasing capacity at the processing facilities and helping to expand production.Troy's food.....

Spain: The Canary Islands already have 378 hectares of papayas
The Canarian Institute of Agricultural Research and Fundación Cajamar Canarias, in partnership with the Cabildo of Gran Canaria and the Cabildo of Tenerife, have organised a number of technical seminars on papaya cultivation at the facilities of the Canarian Institute of Agricultural Research.In recent.....

AOP Luce ready for the 2016 tomato campaign
TheA.O.P. Lucetomato campaign has almost reached its peak as many of the La Flacca PO members have started production. They are located in the plain between Fondi and Sperlonga, characterised by a unique microclimate and sandy soils.The harvesting of red tomatoes (mainly Piccadilly, cherry, date and bunch.....

Why does garlic make your breath smell?
Author Andy Brunning explains the chemistry behind garlic breath in his new book, Why Does Asparagus Make Your Wee Smell? And it turns out it’s all down to how garlic breaks down.When you eat garlic, it releases an enzyme called allyl methyl sulfide. This enzyme not only has a very strong scent thanks to its.....


Scaling up and adapting to consumer demand
NZ: Compac predicting extraordinary growth
New Zealand firm Compac is predicting extraordinary growth helped in part by the global appetite for premium fresh produce that is quality-guaranteed.The company provides post-harvest technology, software and services to the fresh produce industry and last year reached a milestone of more than $100 million.....

Leaving the skin on fruit, veg could prevent cancer
Lyndi Cohen, better known as the nude nutritionist, believes that leaving the skin on fruit and vegetables can be the secret to unlocking extra nutrients in your daily diet. She has explained the do's and don'ts and what to look for when eating your fruit and veggies.She said that 'eating the rainbow' can.....

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AU: Competition strong for new $5m farm leadership fund
A new funding of $5 million in government grants was unveiled in the Coalition government’s $260m federal election agricultural policy package announced last week. The new grant is expected to cause fierce competition among farming groups who will compete for access to the money, which is aimed at enhancing.....

Containing Panama disease
Historic banana farm buyout in Queensland
The Australian Banana Grower’s Council (ABGC) has made a landmark purchase of a property in Tully, in a bid to control the spread of Panama Tropical Race 4 (TR4.)The ABGC has signed a conditional sales agreement that will enable the eventual close of operations on the only known TR4 affected property in.....

Aimed at the premium market
Tasmania cherry exports up
A recent agricultural commodity report shows that although the Australian cherry industry is relatively small, it has grown strongly, and the export outlook for Tasmanian cherries is promising.The quarterly Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences report shows the average export.....

AU: Funding injection to assist small exporters
From the 29th of June, Australia's small exports are set to become better off, thanks to a funding boost under the Coalition Government's $15 million Package Assisting Smaller Exporters Programme.Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, said the Coalition had.....

AU: 'Buy local' a lazy marketing ploy?
According to Agribusiness Australia’s chief executive officer, Tim Burrow, 'buy local' is one of the “laziest marketing ploys” in the trade, relying on the consumers' patriotic sensibilities, but not necessarily giving the customer a good deal.Customer loyalty will wear thin in the longer term unless farmers.....

Skills, technology, techniques
NZ has the ability to contribute to Indian ag
Delhi based New Zealand Trade Commissioner Jane Cunliffe has said that New Zealand companies can use their innovative skills, modern technology and farm management techniques to contribute to the development of agriculture in India.Cunliffe was speaking at the one-day Summit on Agri-Tech organised by the.....

AU: Potato only diet man hits halfway point
Melbourne man Andrew Taylor is halfway through his radical diet which consists of eating only potatoes for a year, and he has dropped an astonishing 42kg — from 151kg down to 109kg — since January 1.“I’m not sick of potatoes yet. I actually still enjoy potatoes surprisingly enough,” he said.Mr Taylor said.....


Photo report: Warnez doubles in size
Potato packaging company Warnez in Tielt, Belgium, had a party on Friday, 17 June. Over 450 guests could admire its new building. Warnez doubled in size, from 1.5 to 3 hectares. Additionally, the company has made several investments in things such as new machines, installations, automation and safety. Warnez.....

Leonard Kampschoer, FruitMasters:
"Good future for cherry cultivation, if covered"
The wet weather has big consequences for the production and consumption of strawberries, cherries and other berries. "We had a very good greenhouse season this spring, but the start of the outside season for cherries and strawberries hasn't been good. A week and a half ago we had the kick off of our cherry.....

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Viveros California presents Marisol
Strawberry variety suitable for cultivation in southern Italy
Quantity or quality? This is the question strawberry producers ask themselves every year. Produce increased volumes without considering organoleptic qualities, flavour and shelf life or focus on quality while producing less? In a market that looks for excellent products but is not always willing to pay more.....


International distributors attack new Polish retail tax law
Natural Grocers have consumers eat new fruit and veggies
Spain: Caprabo sees flat sales in 2015Caprabo saw broadly flat sales growth in 2015, with turnover contracting by 0.3% to €1.12 bn. The retailer noted that while it was disappointing to see a contraction, it still meant it outperformed the market, which shrank by 0.8% in 2015. However, its profitability.....

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