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Fight the corona crisis with the HerbERT drying cabinet

"We enable responsible fruit and vegetable preservation"

In the midst of the ever-increasing crisis of the corona virus, non-perishable foods have gained enormously in importance. Two ambitious Austrians have developed the HerbERT drying oven as a suitable alternative to conventional tinned food. "The scope of this installation could become enormous." The differences…

"We are a sector that suffers from imitation and a lack of understanding of what the real product is"

Tasmania is home to one of horticulture's hidden gems

It is one of Australia’s little-known secrets, but Tasmania is home to one of the world's rarest horticulturally-grown condiments - wasabi. TasFoods Limited produces the Japanese-based crop, which is grown at Shima Wasabi in the north-west of the state. Managing Director and CEO Jane Bennett says it is…

Luc Monden (De Kruidenaer) seeks sales alternatives and limits imports:

“As things stand, we have to do something with our herbs, and fast”

“You do not want to throw anything away if you do not really have to," says Luc Monden of the Dutch herb nursery, De Kruidenaer. Yet, that may well happen if a sales alternative is not quickly found. This is needed for the herbs standing in this company's greenhouse in Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. “With…

Johannes Adams (Adams Herb Garden) at the beginning of German herbs season

"The herb market has reached its peak"

While shipments from Kenya and Israel determine the current herb market, the domestic season is already about to start. The first freshly cut herbs (salad burnet and common sorrel, for example) are already being cut, and the commercially available outdoor herbs (such as mint, oregano) will arrive on the market…

Pablo Zapatería, CN Seeds:

"We are at the forefront in herbs, baby leaf salad and micro greens"

“It is important to stay at the forefront of global food trends. That is why we think it is vital to innovate in herbs, baby leaf salad and micro greens; an upward trend,” says Pablo Zapatería, Sales and Development Manager for Spain and France of CN Seeds. “Some well-established products in the United States…

Erik Buijsman, Buysman Kruiden in the Netherlands:

Vertical farming - new? We've been growing chives like this for 30 years"

Is vertical farming something new? "Well, no. We have been growing chives in this way for 30 years already," laughs Erik Buijsman of Buysman Kruiden from Andijk, the Netherlands. This family business has also had LED lights hanging above its potted herbs for 15 years now. It is then no wonder that this…

Ayelet Lantzer, AdaFresh about the increasing demand for herbs

“Fresh herbs have become part of the normal consumption pattern”

“The demand for fresh herbs is on the rise,” says Ayelet Lantzer of the AdaFresh, a company that exports products, including fresh herbs, from its head office in Israel and its logistics site in the Netherlands. “It seems consumers are becoming more aware of fresh herbs. Fresh herbs have become part of…

Rasmus, Biosund:

Denmark: Rosa Danica subsidiary launches organic pot plant line

Denmark is one of the strictest countries regarding the rules for organic production, but Rasmus Moth Madsen took the plunge and started to focus on the production of organic potted plants. His father is Torben Moth Madsen of Rosa Danica A/S, a potted rose grower, and in his greenhouse, Rasmus started…

FL.C hosts professional seminar during Fruit Logistica

R&D, the "hidden spice" in Israeli fresh herbs

FL.C, one of Israel's leading exporters of fresh herbs, joined forces with the association of herb growers in Israel and the Israeli export institute to host the first professional seminar focusing on R&D and innovation done by leading researchers in Israel. "The team of FLC is committed to deliver the…

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