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Global Focus Exotic/Tropical Fruit

Hirich Khalaf:

“Ripening process very advanced, but major differences between regions and growers”

The ultimate example of ripened fruit is the banana, but in recent years, the supply of ready-to-eat fruit has increased. Mangoes and avocados are two of the most important exotics that are offered ripened most often. Roughly 15 years ago, no one had heard of ripened exotics. Have we mastered ripening?…

New figures show Australia's avocado industry is on track to produce 115,000 tonnes a year by 2025

Australia’s avocado production increased by 17 per cent on the previous in 2017/18, with a gross value of production estimated at $557million - and the industry’s long-term trend is still on the rise. “One-third of Australia’s avocado trees have yet to reach their prime production years but enough of the new plantings…

Avocado supplies to US should normalize by mid-December

After strikes disrupted harvest for more than two weeks from late October to mid-November, avocado growers are confident that supplies will be back on track by the middle of December. Harvesting is in full swing again and there is plenty of fruit on the trees for suppliers to catch up. "As of this week, inventories are…

AU: New high-yielding mangoes set to be on the market by 2021

Three new mango varieties could be on the market as early as 2021, following the successful release of the hybrids nearly 12 months ago. There are around 1,200 trees of the yet to be named varieties known as 1201, 1243, and 4069, in Mareeba, Bowen and Northern Territory, and initial research has found it has the…

Slightly less domestic carambola this winter

Even though domestic supplies of carambola are winding down, supplies remain decent. “It’s not a large volume of carambola because the winter season is starting to affect the supply,” says…

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