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Global Focus Exotic/Tropical Fruit

“Greek kiwis are much appreciated in India”

The kiwifruit is doing really well in the Indian market, says Saurabh Tanwar of Fruitways. The company exports apples and kiwis from countries like Poland, Chile and Greece. “In India, the demand for kiwis has always been there. As we always say, there are three principle fruits that India imports. The…

"Short supply in the ginger market, the prices of high-quality products continue to rise"

The new season of ginger began to be harvested in early October, the storage of fresh ginger has been completed, and the ginger out of storage has started to be exported. Due to the low price of ginger last year and the reduction in the planting area, the yield this season has dropped significantly. The…

Dragon fruit, lychee and mangosteen

Growers in Northwest São Paulo region focus on less-known but profitable fruits

Producers in Northwest São Paulo are making long-term investments in orchards where their new production can take a decade for the first harvest. However, the profitability of…


"More drive than ever to get products to the Netherlands more sustainably"

In the Netherlands, the Christmas rush has begun at Yex. "Solid partnerships are more important than ever," begin Edwin van Leeuwen and Jeroen Groenewegen. "We supply exotic fruit and vegetables from across the globe, focusing on surprising products. Products that let you serve something special, especially…

Cédric Celina, Ach Celina:

“The amount of Madagascar lychees imported by plane to Rungis is decreasing”

Exotic fruits are very popular around the Christmas holidays. Lychees are no exception. At the moment, wholesalers and importers of the Rungis market mainly offer the Mauritius and Reunion Island origins, which are sold at approximately 9 €/kg [9.6 USD/kg] for fresh lychees imported by plane and 3.5 €/kg…

Kurdistan Regional Government

Hanar pomegranates from the Kurdistan Region

First pomegranates from Iraq on UAE retail shelves

UAE consumers will now be able to buy pomegranates grown in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region. Hanar pomegranates, the Kurdistan Regional Government's most famous fruit, have hit the shelves of UAE retailers Lulu and Carrefour. The fruit will be exported from nearly 100 farms in Halabja and Zakho to the UAE where…

Suriname president sets up support group

"High cultivation costs, few export opportunities making it hard for Surinamese growers"

On Saturday, December 10, Suriname president Chan Santokhi introduced a support group. It must address challenges within that country's agricultural sector, with a view to growing healthy crops that meet international export standards. That is vital, says Mahinder Kalpoe, who, along with his family,…

Giovanelli Fruchtimport AG

Oliver Wanner, Giovanelli Fruchtimport, on the import of lychees and tropical avocados

"Slow sales mark the start of Madegassian lychee season"

In week 49, the first Madegassian lychees of this season were shipped out. "We are observing a normal start to the season, similar to other years. On one hand, volumes are within the normal limits. However, due to inflation and continued high freight rates, prices are above last year's level, although…

Edilson Hernandez, Prime Tropics: “We have entered the Swiss market with our 50g finger lime format”

"In 2023 we'll export durians from Guatemala to Europe for the first time"

In December, Guatemala's finger lime campaign is in full swing, coinciding with the Christmas holidays, in which consumption increases considerably. "We produce finger limes throughout the year, but our sales peak between November and December, although they remain at good levels until March," stated…

Production costs increase as inflation passes the 40% mark

Climate change causes papaya production in Ghana to decrease a bit

Weather has caused production of papayas in Ghana to fall slightly, says Bobby Gyesi, president and co-founder of SGA Farms: “This year production levels for papaya have dipped slightly due to the effects of climate change. We have experienced higher temperatures and erratic rainfall. In addition to…

Agustin Ceres, Frunet:

"Gifting a Premium Exotic Box will turn the act of giving a box of fruit into a special gift"

Christmas is a time to give, to show people that we appreciate them by giving them a gift that is specially chosen for them. As Frunet has discovered, fruit can become a valuable exquisite gift, as is already the case in other countries such as China, where giving cherries is a symbol of generosity. "We've…

Jens Schadowske from Filbig at the Nuremberg wholesale market:

Restrained demand for air-freighted mangoes

Jens Schadowske assesses the present mood at the Nuremberg wholesale market as comparatively calm. He has been an employee of Filbig GbR, owned by brothers Erich and Richard Filbig, for 22 years. Business is usually much better in December, but demand has been rather subdued for some time, he told us. We…

Herold Hage, N&K:

"Exceptionally early start for South African sea freight lychees"

"After a flying start with lychees by airfreight, the first lychees will arrive in the Netherlands on the boat MSC Cassandra from South Africa at the end of this week. "That is exceptionally early, normally the sea freight lychees from Madagascar are always two weeks earlier than the South African ones.…

Challenging grape season leads to exporter keeping the pomegranates on the local market

“It seemed smarter to keep our pomegranates within our own borders this season”

After a very challenging grape season, one Egyptian exporter opted not to export the pomegranates this year, says May Salem of FinBi for Land Reclamation and Agriculture Development. “Our Pomegranate season has finished by now. There was a good amount of pomegranates this season, volumes were slightly…

Josef Stapf Großmarkt GmbH

Restrained exotics trade at Frankfurt's wholesale market:

"Currently, one has to add up to 10 euros on top for air-freighted mangoes"

Wintertime is exotic season: During the pre-Christmas period, pineapples, mangos, lychees and the like are in high demand and are handled in large quantities. However, the current increase in inflation and the associated reduction in purchasing power are having a noticeable effect on the business with…

"Lower supply, lots of competition making it hard for French kiwis"

French green kiwis are struggling in the current market. "The harvest was far lower than in previous years," says a European importer. "That was due to heavy rainfall and frost in the…

FreshPlaza December Global Focus on exotic and tropical fruits

In December FreshPlaza will be focussing on exotic and tropical fruits. Are you a grower, importer or exporter of these products? We would love to hear from you. You can send us some information or we can call you for an interview, just let us know. You can contact      MarketingWould you like to get some…

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