Jaguar mangoes made a strong debut last mango season and they are back and ready to make their way to retailers across the country with the rollout of Splendid By Porvenir's "Save the Jaguar" program. Supplies of Jaguar mangoes are anticipated to be available by mid-March.

On January 24th, Splendid By Porvenir kicked off the second phase of the "Save the Jaguar" campaign, making the first donation towards the jaguar conservation program led by three non-profit organizations: Animal Karma, Proyecto Jaguar and the protected area Meseta de Cacaxtla.

Splendid officials met with non-profit organizations in Sinaloa to discuss its “Save the Jaguar” program and made its first official donation toward jaguar conservation efforts there. Standing: Francisco Franco and Daniel Ibarra; front row: Cheyene Ibarra, Carlos Ferniza.

"Save the Jaguar" is our social responsibility campaign focused on jaguar conservation in North America. Thanks to the sales of Jaguar mangoes, Splendid was able to make a donation towards the "Jaguar Conservation Program" in Meseta de Cacaxtla, a protected area located in the Northwest of Mexico, Sinaloa spanning 123 thousand acres and home to an active population of 11 jaguars. This area also doubles as a breeding ground. Given its strategic location, Meseta de Cacaxtla acts as a natural bridge for the species and its repopulation in northern Mexico and the southern United States.

"People link jaguars with the jungles of southern Mexico, Central and South America, but an environment like this in Northern Sinaloa is loaded with various feline species,” said Rodrigo Nuñez, director of Proyecto Jaguar. “Not too long ago, there were doubts about the existence of jaguars in Sinaloa. However thanks to everyone's efforts, we have spotted a significant population, kick-starting our conservation program."

Supplies of Jaguar mangoes are anticipated to be available by mid-March.

"No doubt, this marks the kick-off of a major project,” said Daniel Ibarra, president of Splendid By Porvenir. “I am a big wildlife fan and I understand how crucial these efforts are to keeping ecosystems thriving. Because of our involvement in this program, I was updated on the particular protected area which I did not know much about until now and I am happy to say how proud I am to support it."

The funds donated will go toward population counts, registrations and fitting GPS collars on the jaguars to monitor and track them in the area, ensuring their care and protection.

Splendid invites others to join forces with its Jaguar Mango campaign.

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