Uganda's President Museveni has authorized investors to utilize part of the land housing Kyaaka One and Kyaaka Two refugee camps for avocado cultivation. In a letter dated January 30, 2024, Museveni instructed the Minister of Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees, Hillary Onek, to allocate 10 square miles from the two refugee camps.

According to the president, half of this land will be dedicated to avocado-growing investors, with the other half being used to establish an industrial park. "One purpose is for an Investor to use 5 Square Miles and develop a plantation of Avocadoes, with value addition facilities for the Avocadoes being part of the package. Avocado oil is important for use in the manufacturing of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The other square miles will be used to develop an industrial Park for that area,” the letter reads in part.

He emphasized that the industrial park and avocado plantation would generate approximately 200,000 jobs for Ugandans. The president also mentioned that he had been informed about land grabbers invading part of the land and promised to visit the area in April 2024. He further directed that the 10 square miles be secured from the available land.

Museveni believes that the industrial parks would yield tax revenue for Uganda, supporting both its citizens and refugees.