A new sachet technology is reshaping fruit preservation, giving consumers longer-lasting high-quality fruit. ChillSafe combats spoilage, helping ensure a larger volume of premium citrus reaches the market in prime condition.

Made in Australia by refrigeration sanitation specialist Coolsan and distributed by E.E. Muir & Sons, ChillSafe has been developed with a view to enhancing grower profitability and promoting sustainable practices.

“Reducing waste in the supply chain and optimising returns to growers is essential for the long-term sustainability of the Australian citrus industry,” said E.E. Muir & Sons’ Aaron Milner. “The reliable, eco-friendly ChillSafe sachet is a strategic choice for superior citrus storage and transport.”

ChillSafe has become a corporate partner of Citrus Australia. Nathan Hancock, CEO of Citrus Australia, said the partnership was a natural fit. “This collaboration helps Citrus Australia achieve its goals of protecting and enhancing the industry’s premium offer to consumers,” Hancock said.

Milner said Citrus Australia members would benefit from access to a leading-edge solution that addressed challenges like rot and quality degradation. “ChillSafe improves the profitability and sustainability of citrus operations by maintaining fruit quality over extended transport and storage,” Milner explained. “Citrus Australia’s expertise and influence in the sector – driving advocacy, innovation, and sustainability – is well documented and we look forward to working with them to help grow the industry’s profitability.”

Milner said ChillSafe was an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that promoted sustainable outcomes. “ChillSafe’s deployment in cool storage and transport vehicles requires minimal effort, ensuring seamless integration into existing operations. Furthermore, contributing to reducing the food waste of citrus aligns with global environmental goals, making it a responsible choice for those looking to impact our world positively."

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