Prime Minister James Marape of Papua New Guinea is anticipated to create more opportunities for seasonal workers, such as fruit pickers and farm hands, through his discussions in Canberra. Topics on the table include labour mobility schemes like the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (Palm). While Papua New Guinea workers have been part of the Australian labour force, these talks are predicted to establish a steady increase in the number of workers migrating.

Foreign Affairs Minister Justin Tkatchenko met with Australian cabinet ministers to outline the official programme for Marape's visit. Tkatchenko confirmed that the agreed announcements will encompass law and justice, immigration, climate funding, critical infrastructure investments, and scholarships. He also reassured Australia of Papua New Guinea's commitment to its traditional security partners, dispelling rumors of a security cooperation with China.

Tkatchenko emphasized the need to implement key common issues advanced in the bilateral partnership, including the Bilateral Security Agreement and labour mobility schemes like Palm.