The global avocado market is experiencing steady growth, with a 5% annual increase in consumption. In this context, Peru stands out as the third largest exporter worldwide, with approximately 32,000 hectares devoted to the cultivation of the popular Hass variety. The commercial window for this superfood, produced in 11 regions of Peru, spans between May and September.

In Spain, the value of the exports of this fruit reached $190 million in 2023, more than 176 million Euros.

"Peruvian avocados are known not only for their taste and texture, but also for their health benefits. They are rich in potassium, energy and healthy fats, contributing to an optimal functioning of the nervous and muscular systems, in addition to regulating blood glucose levels. Their magnesium and folic acid (B9) content makes them an ideal option during pregnancy and breastfeeding, preventing malformations and supporting the immune system."

"Peruvian avocado also stands out as the king of plant protein, thereby its importance for those who opt for a vegetarian or vegan diet," says PromperĂș.

"The fruit is not only marketed fresh. Peruvian avocado is also exported transformed into frozen pulp, oil, flour, beauty products and snacks. This versatility has contributed to its success as an export phenomenon, reaching new horizons and markets around the world."

"Without a doubt, Peruvian avocados are not only delighting international palates, but also nourishing and caring for the health of those who include them in their daily diets. The fruit continues to consolidate itself as an indispensable superfood on the global scene, positioning Peru as an inexhaustible super pantry."

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