After a typical January with scarcity in the radish market, the demand tends to quiet down during the trade week in Berlin and during Carnival. "After Carnival, I expect the demand to pick up," says Erik de Jong from Jongfresh in Monster, the Netherlands. "The start in January was a bit messy. Because of the war, it was uncertain whether there would be any supply from Israel, but that turned out not to be a big issue. Dutch growers also saw a bit of a slowdown in growth. Now, we're moving towards greater availability again."

"Most of the radishes are currently being exported to our neighboring countries, such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. The specials, which offer higher margins, are also being shipped further afield to places like Abu Dhabi and Singapore," says Erik. According to the radish grower, the market for specialties is becoming increasingly stable. "That demand had weakened a bit, but last year we saw a steady trend and now that the radish mix has been named Best product of the year 2023-2024 in the AH election, I expect a boost in sales."

"Radish prices stand at a reasonable level, in line with those of previous years. However, I am glad that the basic cost of energy has become much more stable. Last year, seeing where it was heading caused some tension," says Erik. He also claims that there's a fairly stable radish supply in the Netherlands. "You see that the players who have been active for many years and who deliver all year round are strengthening their positions."

The radish grower does not currently have any actual news to report, but that doesn't mean they are sitting still. "We are always working on new radish colors and our market presence, but it's still a bit too early to report anything yet."

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