A Creston Valley orchard in British Columbia has seen its entire tree fruit supply decimated by the recent extreme winter weather. The region experienced record-breaking low temperatures from January 12 to 14, reaching as low as -27.2 degrees Celsius. Frank Wloka of Wloka Farms reported 100% bud mortality on his fruit trees, including peaches, apricots, prunes, plums, nectarines, and cherries. "The damage is extraordinarily significant," he said. "We have experienced crop losses in the past, but not as extensive as we have experienced this go-around."

Wloka predicts significant financial repercussions as the farm will have no soft fruit to sell this year. The farm will continue to produce vegetables and some apples, but these crops do not attract as many visitors to Creston Valley. Other local businesses, such as Red Bird Winery, also reported substantial damage from the winter storm.

Wloka worked with an agronomist from Pearl Agricultural Consulting Inc. to assess the damage. The buds were found dead and brown, and there was also damage to the branches, indicating that the trees might be at risk of dying.

Source: vancouverislandfreedaily.com