Natural Delights® is gearing up for Ramadan next month by offering its two- and five-pound window boxes to meet the need during the brand’s highest sales period of the year. This year’s holy celebration starts on March 10, but Muslim shoppers will be searching for Natural Delights products in late February to prepare for the holiday.

Last Ramadan, average weekly Medjool date sales increased by 37 percent for the category, while Natural Delights average weekly sales increased by 47 percent, according to Circana data.

This year’s holy celebration starts on March 10 but Muslim shoppers will be searching for Natural Delights products in late February to prepare for the holiday.

Each morning during Ramadan typically begins with a ritual of consuming three to five dates before sunrise, serving as a means to sustain essential energy levels throughout the fasting period. Additionally, breaking the daily fast with Medjool dates is a customary practice as these dates are revered as a "blessed fruit" in Islamic culture. The significance of Medjool dates extends beyond the morning and evening rituals, permeating the fabric of nightly feasts where they find a place in main courses, sides and desserts. Consequently, Muslim shoppers are actively preparing to purchase large quantities of dates, both for personal consumption and as gifts for their family and friends.

"As Ramadan approaches, it becomes crucial to position our products prominently for shoppers by late February," said David Baxter, director of marketing and business development. "Our mini pallets and full-sized pallets provide a solution for showcasing our window boxes in a captivating manner, enticing shoppers to take notice."

Natural Delights continues to invest in long-time influencer partners Heifa Odeh of FuFu in the Kitchen and Ruda Khan of My Gourmet Story to share recipe ideas for Suhoor and Iftar. In the last two years, these partners have garnered more than 750,000 views on their Ramadan recipes using Natural Delights Medjool dates. The brand will also continue to offer its downloadable Ramadan Recipe Guide with recipes and planning tips from Yvonne Maffei from My Halal Kitchen. Retailers can share these resources on their website or social media pages to support Ramadan shoppers.

L-R: David Baxter, Heifa Odeh.

“Medjool dates have been the center of our Ramadan table for as long as I can remember because we always break our fast by eating a date,” said Odeh. “Natural Delights has always been reliable in providing quality Medjool dates for us to enjoy during Ramadan and I love that they are readily available in most stores.”

The brand also offers a variety of displayable options and the best way for retailers to increase sales is to promote large-size boxes or tubs in highly visible areas with merchandising displays starting mid-February.

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