The Quebec Produce Marketing Association (QPMA) Board of Directors is proud to announce Mario Lalancette's appointment as Executive Director. Mario Lalancette is recognized for his ability to maintain strong relationships with regulatory and government authorities and Quebec agri-food industry opinion leaders; he succeeds Sophie Perreault, who held the position for the past 20 years.

A nutritionist by training, Mario Lalancette has excellent team-building skills. Until recently, he was the QPMA's Director of Strategy and Communications. As part of his duties, Mr. Lalancette was instrumental in rolling out the I Love Fruits and Veggies Movement, which promotes greater fruit and vegetable consumption as part of a healthy lifestyle. Backed by more than 25 years of experience in the agri-food, communications and public health sectors, Mr. Lalancette is widely regarded for his keen understanding of the challenges affecting stakeholders across the fruit and vegetable distribution chain. Recently, he won the Ordre des diététistes nutritionnistes du Québec's 'Mérite annuel' award for 2023.

"From the moment he arrived in 2019, Mario Lalancette quickly set up partnerships with the Quebec government to roll out public campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of eating fruit and vegetables among Quebecers. In collaboration with his team, the I Love Fruits and Veggies Movement hit new milestones. He'll continue to implement the 2024-2027 strategic plan, to which he's made a substantial contribution. The plan aims to strategically position the fruit and vegetable industry," says Enrico Charest, Chairman of the QPMA's Board of Directors.

"I begin my new role with the QPMA filled with determination and ambition. Given that only about one in every three people in Quebec eats more than five portions of fruits and vegetables a day, the QPMA's mission is crucial: it must promote healthy eating habits and defend the interests of its members in dealings with public decision-makers. The fruit and vegetable industry is diverse, committed, and supportive and is a key economic driver in Quebec and a critical public health player," says Mario Lalancette, QPMA Executive Director.

The QPMA extends its thanks to its outgoing President and CEO, Sophie Perreault, for her determination and dedication in tackling several projects at once, for her thoroughness and for her considerable achievements in raising the profile of the fruit and vegetable industry in the public arena and government circles.

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