Chester Market was temporarily evacuated due to a peculiar incident involving a stall-holder who was cooking an excessive amount of chili peppers. The situation unfolded on a Saturday afternoon when emergency services responded to reports of customers being affected by chili fumes. Chester Fire Station assured the public that there were no broader health concerns related to this incident. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service dispatched five fire engines to the scene on Hunter Street in the city center.

A safety cordon was established around the market as a precaution, allowing emergency services to operate smoothly. Firefighters, wearing breathing apparatus, thoroughly searched the premises but found no signs of fire or smoke. It was determined that the issue stemmed from the cooking of a substantial quantity of chili oil, with vapors entering the ventilation system.

Despite the inconvenience, some individuals found humor in the situation, with comments ranging from amusement at the choice of chili as the culprit to relatable kitchen mishaps. Thankfully, the incident was swiftly resolved, and efforts were made to return the market to normal operation.