The "agriculture minister" of the north, Huseyin Cavus, emphasized the need for stricter quarantine rules regarding the import of citrus fruit due to concerns over the citrus greening disease, which affects citrus plants on both sides of the island. Cavus highlighted that the insect responsible for spreading the disease was first observed in Limassol, indicating the importance of tighter regulations to combat the spread. Additionally, his ministry is conducting studies on breeding insects that can destroy the carrier of the disease.

Opposition party CTP Leader Tufan Erhurman emphasized the necessity for coordinated efforts between the north and the south to combat the disease effectively. He urged institutions dealing with citrus fruits to remain vigilant and implement crisis management plans.

The ongoing crisis has led to lower-than-expected revenues for citrus growers in the north, with exports frequently falling short of projections. The mandora, a unique citrus fruit grown only in Cyprus, has been particularly affected. Erhurman stressed the need for serious discussion on addressing the issues facing mandora exports, as problems recur annually around this time.