"Fiscal year 2023 went very well for us. We were able to increase our sales by approximately ten percent compared to the previous year," Mehmet Akpolat, Managing Director of GSM Import-Export at Fruchthof Berlin, tells us. "Some say that it may be due to the high price level that higher sales can now be achieved. Either way, we see an overall increase despite the actually difficult year. Because during the Corona years we could basically sell goods without end, which has not been the case since 2023. However, we were able to record high sales for seasonal items such as strawberries and cherries, but also for watermelons."

Mehmet Akpolat

What is currently particularly in demand are Orri mandarins from Israel. "Almost every trader now has this product in their range. Sales are going well and it is well received by the customers. The price level is almost the same for everyone. The Orri season also started comparatively early. In addition, we offer Nadorcott clementines from Spain, which are gradually coming to an end. We also offer Murcott clementines from Turkey. The quality of the Murcott clementines is very good. However, the decisive sales factor is still the price. In November/December the Turkish citrus season started with the Satsumas from the Izmir region. Now we also receive the clementines from the region around Izmir. Further deliveries from the Mersin or Antalya region are now also arriving."

There have been no problems with transport. "However, the high transport costs are now having a significant impact on goods from Turkey. So we sometimes had to pay 6,000 EUR for a truck transport, with customs clearance and the associated costs. If it is light goods, the price increases by about 0.40 EUR/kg depending on the goods; for heavy goods by about 0.30 EUR/kg. Compared to the previous year, citrus fruits from Turkey are therefore more expensive. But there is also a general increase in prices in Turkey, which is not least due to the increased labor costs." The demand for clementines is always present in winter, especially since the selection of fruit in Germany is also relatively small. "Preferences don't change much. People usually tend to revert to what they are used to."

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