Ofylia is an Italian innovative startup that brings digital solutions to the agricultural world at the service of all operators.

Ofylia was set up to highlight the potential of digital technology in agriculture, spreading techniques that could help companies maximize the use of water resources and soil fertility, therefore turning agricultural practices into eco-friendly and eco-efficient practices as part of a "Farm to Fork" strategy.

Start 4.0 monitoring units

"The increasing knowledge as regards the importance of embracing digital technology pushed our country's institutions to support projects that can revolutionize key sectors such as industry, health, agriculture, and many others. Most funds are clearly aimed at digitization and the Internet of Things (IoT), which are key to promoting the competitiveness and modernization of the country," reports Franco Fantozzi (in the photo), CEO of Ofylia, which is located in Alvito (Frosinone).

"We supply innovative products and technologies to increase soil fertility, mitigate soil fatigue, and improve crop resistance to stress, but also to reduce the use of fertilizers, plant protection products, and mineral fertilizers, improving soil structure and conditions and saving water. Our devices are compatible with the tenders. They are monitoring stations that can be put to work immediately, and are supplied with an active SIM card for data transmission and a solar panel or another power source."

Ofylia provides the perfect tool to monitor environmental and soil parameters, which are essential for greenhouse and open field productions.

"Ofylia makes it possible to minimize the use and improve the efficiency of productive inputs thanks to monitoring via sensors and a weather station. Our platform provides decision-making support thanks to a soil-plant-environment monitoring system and an alerting system that sends real-time notifications in case of risks liked to weather events or environmental parameters. This information makes it possible to quickly adopt measures to protect the crops."

"Monitoring station Start 4.0 is much appreciated by entrepreneurs, as it is a technologically advanced tool that is easy to install and use, developed and manufactured by Ofylia. It does not need electricity, Wi-Fi, or repeaters and provides detailed data that enables operators to take action quickly via their smartphones or computers. Devices are geolocated to guarantee their total control. It is ideal for both open-field and greenhouse crops. Humidity, temperature, and conductivity parameters are detected every 5 minutes, in connection with the Cloud."

All Ofylia devices are modular and come with multiple accessories as well as a vast range of sensors and actuators that enable their interaction with the most popular domotic tools. In addition, they are integrated within a simple yet advanced Cloud system that enables, in addition to the analysis of IoT data, the management of all company processes, from the mapping of the fields to the logbook. The Ofylia team is available to help you enter the world of agriculture 4.0.

For more information:
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03041 Alvito (FR) - Italy
Tel.: +39 347 6701982