Food Freshly will present two new innovations in Berlin. The first involves extending the use of antioxidants to freshly harvested lettuce. The use of this new preservative prevents premature oxidation immediately after harvest, leading to a significant reduction in losses. This preservative technology enables farmers and processors to maintain the quality of their lettuce throughout the supply chain process. The so-called "in-field" application has already been successfully tested and is now available to interested parties.

Another innovation is in the area of microbiology and food safety. "We are presenting a new type of food washing process that does not require the use of traditional disinfectants such as chlorine or peracetic acid and therefore opens up new opportunities, particularly in the European market. The process was developed to increase food safety during processing while preserving the freshness of the products. Processors interested in the new food hygiene processes are invited to register for pilot trials," the company states.

Food Freshly has entered into a new distribution partnership with Murre Technologies in the Netherlands. Through this cooperation, Murre Technologies will become Food Freshly's official distribution partner in the Netherlands and Belgium. This will enable better support for customers in these regions.

Visit Food Freshly in Hall 21 E-40.

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