Dino, the number one competitor for Biedronka in Poland and the fastest growing grocery retailer in terms of the number of stores and sales revenue, will participate in the Fresh Food Leader's event "International B2B meetings with retailers" that will take place in Bergamo on the 25th of January 2024. This is a one day event of face to face business meetings between growers and production companies and fresh fruit and vegetables buyers of international retailers.

The network of Dino stores increased from 111 stores at the end of 2010 to 2,340 at the end of 2023 across Poland. Since 2020 Dino has opened a new store in Poland every day: in the last three years, they launched more than 240 stores a year and the target is to to keep the pace up for the next five years.

To guarantee the speed of opening of new stores, Dino builds its own supermarkets by itself.

In order to meet the increasing needs, Dinòs fruit and vegetables buyers are searching for new suppliers, new exporting companies and trading partners.

Two of Dino's fruit and vegetables buyers will attend the international B2B meetings. This is the second edition to be held in Bergamo open for buyers and producers from all countries and it will also be the first time that Dino buyers will participate.

Dino currently generates its whole turnover in Poland. The Polish market is very attractive. Dino Polska could still build and operate 9,000 supermarkets before reaching saturation by 2031. As far as potential international markets are concerned, Dino might expand into neighbouring countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.

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In order to meet buyers from this and other foreign large-scale retail chains, participate in the Fresh Food Leader event "International Business meetings with buyers of large-scale Retailers" on the 25th of January 2024 in Bergamo. Moreover, import-export companies and wholesalers will attend the meeting, too.

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