In northern China's Hebei province, the Taihang Wuzhishan Scenic Area's job listing for a person to dress as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong, and interact with tourists has gone viral. For 6,000 yuan (850 usd) a month, the chosen individual will wear a costume and stay in a cave at the mountain's base, receiving food from visitors. The role requires no academic qualifications but demands a love for Sun Wukong, acting skills, and a friendly demeanor.

Already, two employees have been hired, with one more needed. The Monkey King, a character from the classic novel "Journey to the West," is depicted in social media clips in action, receiving various treats from tourists. Despite jokes about potential weight gain, actors aren't required to eat all the food immediately and can share it with colleagues. The scenic area has provided a heater in the cave for comfort. One actor expressed his childhood fondness for Sun Wukong and his desire to share Chinese culture and focus on mental health. Following the viral attention, the attraction offered free entry for a month.