Windset Farms® has proudly partnered with CityReach Care Society since 2010, contributing weekly shipments of fresh, greenhouse-grown produce to the Vancouver-based foodbank.

This year has marked a significant achievement for CityReach, surpassing 10 million in food distribution to the Greater Vancouver communities since 2020. The charity administers multiple programs supporting its communities, with Food For Families being the largest. This initiative rescues surplus food, including donations from businesses like Windset Farms. Weekly 25lb hampers of produce, dairy, bread and protein are donated to 3,000 people, saving families approximately $400 monthly that can be reallocated to vital living expenses. Since the onset of the pandemic, Food For Families has emerged as one of Vancouver's leading fresh food banks.

What started as modest weekly contributions of produce has evolved into a foundational partnership for the program. Fresh produce constitutes a significant portion of the hampers, providing families with nutritious, healthy food to support physical and mental well-being. The pandemic heightened food security concerns, prompting fast-paced significant growth in CityReach's program. Windset Farms was fortunate to increase its donations by a respective amount.

Windset Farms began donating produce to CityReach 13 years ago. What started as modest weekly contributions has evolved into a foundational partnership for the Food For Families program.

"Windset Farms is not just a donor but a crucial partner in the program," said Cheryl McManus, associate director of CityReach.

The grower-shipper has provided over $1 million worth of fresh produce to communities, distributed through CityReach, over the years.

This holiday season, Windset Farms has donated $2,000 to Boxes of Love, a Christmas Hamper program offering fresh food and holiday gifts. "It is incredible to work with CityReach these past 13 years,” said Randi Church, marketing manager at Windset Farms. “Its commitment to bringing fresh, healthy and nutritious food to families in need is very admirable. We are so proud to be able to provide donations every week, 52 weeks of the year, to support their food security programs."

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