North Carolina Ports has announced a new federally-certified cold treatment facility opening in Rocky Point, aimed at supporting the import of fresh produce. Lewis Nursery and Farms and its subsidiary American Blueberries, LLC opened the facility, but NC Ports says the facility will also support various cold produce imports by working with the Port of Wilmington. It will support imports such as blueberries, grapes, apples, pears, citrus and a variety of organics to the port year-round.

The cold treatment process rids pests from the produce, and it is often done on containers while in transit. But if that process fails somewhere during import, it can be re-treated at a cold treatment facility such as the one opened by Lewis Nursery and Farms.

“This cold treatment facility is essential for our customers looking to import produce through the Port of Wilmington,” said Brian E. Clark, executive director of the NC State Ports Authority. “By securing this certification, Lewis Nursery and Farms and American Blueberries will not only enhance North Carolina’s cold chain, but the services offered at the Port of Wilmington as well.”