The Caribbean is emerging as a significant export destination for the Dominican Republic, with a trade exchange of US$ 9.12 billion recorded from 2019 to 2022, according to data from the Dominican Republic’s Export and Investment Center (ProDominicana). In 2022 alone, trade with the Caribbean amounted to US$ 2,143 million. The Minister of Industry, Commerce, and MSMEs (MICM), Victor Bisonó, highlighted the geographical proximity and agricultural development of the Dominican Republic as key factors in exploring the Caribbean market.

One notable aspect is the growth in exports, particularly fruit products, which increased from US$ 4.8 million in 2018 to US$ 17 million in 2022. Avocado exports to Guyana and banana exports to Turks and Caicos were highlighted as significant contributors to this growth. Biviana Riveiro, the director of ProDominicana, emphasized the strategic need to diversify markets beyond the traditional focus on the United States and Europe.