Solynta, a Dutch potato breeding technology company, is introducing a Hybrid True Potato Seed (HTPS) breeding technology in Kenya. This technology provides disease-resistant and resilient seeds, offering farmers the ability to predict yields more accurately compared to traditional tubers. Unlike tubers, HTPS seeds are immune to diseases and rotting, ensuring increased yields and minimized losses.

Charles Miller, Director of Strategic Alliances and Development at Solynta, emphasizes that the company is pioneering the successful breeding of hybrid potatoes, resulting in true seeds. This non-GMO technology guarantees a consistent supply of clean seeds for year-round planting. Furthermore, the speed of breeding new varieties using HTPS surpasses traditional seed-tuber methods.

Introduced in Kenya in 2020, HTPS seeds have undergone successful field trials in regions like central and Rift Valley, where potato farming is prevalent. Farmers have lauded the disease resistance and improved storage capabilities of HTPS seeds compared to traditional tubers.