Despite the somewhat quieter marketing phase at the Düsseldorf wholesale market, demand for Asian fruit and vegetables remains high, according to local catering wholesaler Azad Dagdelen from Adam Reuter Ltd. "We sometimes find it difficult to procure these unusual specialties in the desired quantities. One of the consequences of this is that we are unable to offer certain items continuously and there are occasional bottlenecks. Nevertheless, we have now found some reliable suppliers."

King oyster and shimeji mushrooms.

Adam Reuter Ltd has been based at the Düsseldorf wholesale market for many years, establishing itself as the place to go for Asian fruit and vegetables in recent years. The wide-ranging assortment includes vegetable products such as water spinach, choi sum and WaWa Choi. Leafy vegetables in particular can now be sourced from European growers for a significant part of the year. Dagdelen: "The Dutch season has now come to an end, so a lot is sourced from Spain now."

Choi sum and water spinach.

Continuous expansion of the product range
Not just Asian vegetable products, but fruits as well are now part of the product range, the gastro wholesaler continues: "We have recently started offering Vietnamese durian, which came about at the request of a customer. It is a very exquisite fruit that costs around €200 per 5-kg box." Adam Reuter is now primarily focused on a well thought-out further development of the Asian range, Dagdelen also confirms. "We have invested heavily in our mushroom range this year and now offer all types of mushrooms, from king oyster mushrooms and shiitake to enoki and shimeji, in larger quantities. And we are constantly adding new items to our portfolio. One of the latest additions is colorful, cooked corn, which is particularly popular in Chinese cuisine. Lotus root, which is used in particular as an ingredient in soups, will be added soon."

Azad Dagdelen passionately manages the growing company. Adhering to the motto 'The world is our garden', regional goods are offered wherever possible.

Pictures: Adam Reuter GmbH

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