Doug Bulgrin with Gumz Farms in Endeavor provided his report on December 6. “Demand is extremely high this week,” he said. “As everyone knows, the white demand has jumped quite a bit, and the jumbo yellow demand has also increased. So, the market has responded accordingly, and it’s on the rise. We have buyers calling in and booking way out so they can have their needs covered for the season, and we are definitely in a good place right now. That brings me to how important we at Gumz Farms feel the connections made at the National Onion Association meetings are. It’s so important to get the stocks on hand reports to work together to ensure our onions can last the season. For example, at the San Antonio convention, I had the opportunity to meet with growers looking to move onions, and Gumz was able to help. This type of interaction is invaluable. I would encourage anyone in the industry that wants to expand their business to join and participate.”

Western Colorado/Utah:
Don Ed Holmes with The Onion House in Weslaco, TX, told us on December 6 his program in Colorado is nearly finished. “Out of Colorado, we are only running reds at this point, but we are going full speed out of Utah, and within three weeks, we should be one there.” He continued, “Business is excellent, and prices are higher. We are finished with whites and reds, and only yellows remain at this point.”

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