Kenya is celebrating India's decision to open its market to Kenyan avocados, recognizing this move as a valuable opportunity for local farmers. During President William Ruto's visit to India, he extended an invitation to Indian companies to invest in diverse sectors in Kenya, including agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health, ICT, green energy, affordable housing, and water.

The approval from the Indian government for the export of fresh avocados from Kenya, starting in September, holds significant promise for Kenyan farmers. With an estimated consumer market of 1.4 billion buyers, this decision provides a substantial opportunity for Kenyan avocados to access a vast and lucrative audience.

Kenya has experienced consistent growth in avocado production since 2016, and in 2020, it surpassed South Africa to become the largest exporter of avocados on the continent.

To bolster agriculture, India will finance agricultural mechanization projects in Kenya, aligning with the Bottom-Up Empowerment Transformation Agenda. The leaders also engaged in talks about expanding bilateral trade and investment, addressing market access challenges, and overcoming non-tariff barriers.