The EU produces a wide range of fruit, berries and
nuts. A total of 25.4 million tonnes were harvested in
2022 (excluding citrus fruit, grapes and strawberries),
of which 14.7 million tonnes were pome fruit (apples
and pears), 6.3 million were stone fruit (such as peaches,
nectarines, apricots, cherries and plums), 2.6 million
tonnes were sub-tropical and tropical fruit (such as figs,
kiwis, avocadoes and bananas), 1.1 million tonnes were
nuts and 0.7 million tonnes were berries (other than

In 2022, Italy (21.6 %), Poland (20.3 %), Spain (13.9 %)
and France (11.2 %) were the main producers of fruit,
berries and nuts in the EU. For some specific fruits, other
EU Member States were key producers, such as the
Netherlands and Belgium for pears.

In addition, 10.5 million tonnes of citrus fruit (such as
oranges, satsumas and lemons) were harvested in
2022. For climatic reasons – abundant sunshine and
warmth without sub-zero temperatures – Spain is the
leading citrus fruit producer in the EU: fruit orchards
are primarily in eastern and southern regions. In 2022,
Spain accounted for just over half (53.1 %) of all citrus
fruit production in the EU and was the largest producer
of each major type of citrus fruit. This was despite a
drought impacting Spanish production levels
(down 1.2 million tonnes on the level in 2021).

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