Weather-related factors delayed the start of the mango season in Peru, and this is reflected in the export figures recorded so far. At this time, fresh mango shipments total 4,815 tons; 42% less than in the same week last year, reports Fresh Fruit.

"Another major factor that has had a negative impact and will continue to have repercussions throughout the season has been the reduction of the fruit's production in the Ancash region. According to SEDIR, this year's production is expected to fall by approximately 30% compared to the previous one, and this is causing considerable economic losses for the sector. In addition to all this, the costs of the necessary inputs for the crop have risen by 200%," revealed the Peruvian consulting firm in a recent report.

"Meanwhile, both in Piura and La Libertad, the mango production has also been affected by weather issues and is falling by 90% and 75%, respectively".

In this context, the pace of fresh mango shipments is already slower than in the previous season. "Last week, shipments totaled just a little over 1,000 tons, which is 67% less than in the same period in 2022."