In the Netherlands, the carrot harvest is in at Van der Linde, but it was not smooth sailing. "In fact, not a single storage batch came in under ideal conditions. How the quality will hold up is, therefore, very much the question. I'm pessimistic about that," says Paul van der Linde.

"We usually have the occasional wet week, but we haven't had two dry days in a row this season. We had no choice but to muddle through to get the harvest in this year. Plus, there's little net weight of carrots per crate because those contain a lot of soil."

There is currently enough demand. "There's plenty from Eastern Europe, where it's cold and snowing, so we can get rid of many carrots. It should stay busy until the holidays. Prices have also risen considerably. Last week, the local exchange quoted up to €0.21," Paul concludes.

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