The town of Feijó in western Brazil, known as "The Land of Açaí," has achieved a significant milestone as its açaí berries received a geographical indication (GI) label. Similar to the designation of origin for products like Champagne, the GI label acknowledges the unique characteristics of açaí from Feijó based on its place of origin, encompassing factors such as soil, vegetation, climate, and cultivation techniques. The certification process was facilitated by the Acre office of SEBRAE, the government's small-business support agency, in collaboration with the state government, producers, farmers, and local associations.

Feijó's açaí pulp is distinguished by its thickness and flavor, and the GI label reinforces its reputation and identity. The recognition from the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is not only a local triumph but also a strategic move to consolidate Feijó's açaí in both national and international markets. The GI label places Feijó's açaí among the 108 Brazilian products acknowledged by INPI, with 14 originating from the Amazon region.