Embarking on an exciting journey of innovation, the winter production of cucumbers is officially underway at Rijk Zwaan's new Trial Centre High Tech. This is a great place to trial 45 distinct varieties and various fruit types within our expansive cucumber segment.

The Trial Centre High Tech serves as the ideal platform for these trials, allowing us to delve into the traits of our cucumber varieties. This exploration includes understanding how factors such as light efficiency and growing conditions affect production numbers.

The target is set on producing 10 or more pieces of long cucumber per square meter per week. Achieving this goal involves a strategic approach, with key parameters established from the outset. The journey began with the sowing of plants on September 25, followed by transplantation on October 18.

Equipped with 327 µmol PAR LED light and Airmix fans for humidity control, the trial department maintains a plant density of 2.65 plants per square meter. We stepwise will increase lighting, ultimately providing a full 18 hours of illumination after three weeks of planting.

Temperature management is guided by the RTR (Ratio Temperature Radiation) strategy, commencing at 18 degrees Celsius. A progressive approach sees an addition of 2.25 degrees Celsius for every 10 mol PAR light per square meter, resulting in a current 24-hour average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius.

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