UP Vertical Farms, an indoor grower of local leafy greens in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, has launched its new top seal pack in collaboration with sales and marketing partner Oppy.

This packaging aims to better meet the evolving needs of the market, combining sustainability, freshness, and an enhanced eating experience.

"The updated design prominently features our commitment to sustainability, local sourcing, and feeding the region," says Rashti.

"We are proud to introduce this line that better protects our products and reflects our commitment to providing baby leafy greens that consumers can enjoy with confidence," said CEO Bahram Rashti, who founded UP Vertical Farms alongside brother and executive chairman Shahram Rashti. "The updated design prominently features our commitment to sustainability, local sourcing, and feeding the region. We want shoppers to know that our greens are Canadian, aligning with their values of supporting homegrown products."

The peel-and-reseal feature allows consumers to enjoy fresh products every time they open the pack, extending its shelf life.

"We are grateful for the positive market reception to our products," said Rashti. "The feedback from our retail partners has been rewarding and humbling."

Left to right: Shahram Rashti and Bahram Rashti.

Key facts about UP Vertical Farms' operations:

  • Grown using 99 percent less land, 99 percent less water, 99 percent less fertilizer, and no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, UP is fully automated from seeding through to harvest.
  • Using recycled CO2 and proprietary lighting technology, greens are grown to custom brix levels and flavor profiles.
  • Crops are grown in an automated 13 to 21-day period where blends can be tailored and grown instantaneously to keep pace with ongoing trends, adding to the quality and consistency.
  • Crops are grown at 350 times the yield of conventional field-grown greens.

"We're thrilled to partner with the Rashti duo, not only because they are passionate growers, but they are servicing the needs of our industry and retail partners," said Oppy's category director of greenhouse, Kevin Batt. "As climate change continues affecting us, UP Vertical Farms addresses food security issues in Canada and beyond its border, delivering a commercial scale solution that helps limit our country's dependence on imported greens into the provinces it supplies."

The new top seal pack will begin shipping to stores in mid-December, just in time for the holiday season in its lineup of blends, which includes Liven UP™ — arugula, Toss UP™ — tender lettuce blend, Stand UP™ — baby romaine, UP and Away™ — spring mix, Power UP™ — power greens, and Crunch UP™ — crispiest lettuce mix.

UP Vertical Farms continues to expand its operations into the new year with a new line of products that will further serve current market trends.

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