The Region of Murcia's horticultural sector is seeking to boost its exports to the United States by participating in the New York Produce Show and Conference. The Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers-Exporters of the Region of Murcia (PROEXPORT) will participate in this event from December 6 to increase its sales in the US market. Despite a modest growth of 6% in exports of fresh Spanish fruits and vegetables to the United States over the last five years, these represent only 0.27% of the total exported by Spain in 2022, a low proportion considering the size and purchasing power of the US market.

In 2022, the most outstanding products in exports to the United States were garlic, with 21,538 tons and 67 million euros, and onions, with 4,895 tons and 4 million euros. Despite the potential of the US market, the phytosanitary barriers imposed by the US authorities have limited Spanish participation; in fact, the opening of the US market to Spanish fruit and vegetable exports requires the approval of specific phytosanitary protocols for each product, a process that usually takes several years and is negotiated between the authorities of both countries.

Although the Valencian Community leads exports to the United States with 17,399 tons in 2022, the Region of Murcia, with 737 tons, seeks to strengthen its position in this strategic market. PROEXPORT, aware of the sector's interest and potential on the east coast of the United States, actively participates in the New York Produce Show and Conference. This year, the association has its own stand subsidized by the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, through the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, marking an important step towards exploring opportunities and overcoming barriers to increase exports to the United States. The fair provides a crucial platform for networking, promoting Murcian fruit and vegetable products, and consolidating its presence in one of the world's most important markets.